Efficacy of Duromine diet pills directly depends on the dosage. It is considered that the higher the dosage of the drug is, the stronger pharmacological action on the body is. This applies to both positive and negative impact that a medical drug may have.

Duromine is produced in capsule form. Each capsule contains Phentermine active substance, as resins. Duromine is sold in pharmacies in three doses, of 15mg, 30mg or 40mg. Duromine 15mg is the minimum dose, which can be taken per day.

When using Duromine 15mg, Phentermine blood plasma concentration is not as high, as when using Duromine 30mg or 40 mg. Some categories of patients with obesity may not require high Phentermine blood concentrations. For many patients it is enough to take Duromine 15mg, to reduce appetite and effectively fight obesity.

Duromine 15mg can be recommended for the treatment of adolescent obesity. Every year, the number of people with obesity is growing worldwide. It is possible to reduce the number of adults with obesity, if we fight obesity in adolescents and children.

Duromine can be taken by adolescents from 12 years of age. Usually, it is easier for adolescents to deal with overweight or obesity. This is due to the fact that adolescents are more active than those of mature age. Body is in the active phase of growth up to 18 years, and it constantly requires a lot of energy.

Most teens need a light push to make their body weight decrease. Duromine 15mg can help. Duromine 15mg can reduce appetite and allow you to eat the amount of food, sufficient for the normal development of your organism and successful fat loss.

Adolescents, who take Duromine diet pills, are recommended low-calorie diets, in which the body will receive all the necessary macro and micro elements for the normal development of organs, muscle growth and skeletal development. The organism will replenish lack of energy from the adipose tissue.

It should always be remembered that minimum Duromine dosages may be as effective, as bigger doses for the obesity treatment. If an adult takes Duromine 15 mg and it significantly reduced body weight, there is no need to increase the dose.

Duromine is a potent drug, which can cause side effects. Furthermore, Duromine may affect heart and increase blood pressure. Minimum Duromine dosage significantly reduces the chance of side effects, so it can be recommended to elderly patients with obesity.

People, older than 65 years, are recommended to limit using any drugs. Usually, the elderly have a weakened immune system, reduced the amount of muscle tissue, worse blood circulation and heart function.

In elderly patients, minimum Duromine dose of 15 mg reduces the risk of such side effects, as headache, dry mouth, irregular heartbeat, difficult breathing, etc. Elderly often have sleep disturbance, and Duromine can cause insomnia, so Duromine 15 mg should be taken in the first half of the day.

In order to successfully fight obesity, people in old age must increase their physical activity. Duromine 15mg allows elderly patients to consume less food, and physical activity will accelerate metabolism, increase calorie requirement and weight loss.

Duromine is a prescription drug. If the patient is indicated Duromine 15mg, he should not increase the dosage on his own. If Duromine 15mg does not increase the rate of weight loss, patient should consult a doctor. Only a doctor can prescribe Duromine dose of 30mg or 40 mg.