Currently, you cannot buy Duromine online legally in New Zealand. Duromine, generic name Phentermine, is a diet medication available by prescription.

To get Duromine, ask your doctor to prescribe the generic Phentermine, rather than the name brand.

In New Zealand, as in the worldwide is noted a growth of heart diseases and diabetes. Increase of the number of these diseases, due to the accumulation of extra pounds in the human body. Imbalance of metabolism contributes to the obesity of a human and causes not only physical, but also mental sufferings. The medical community of New Zealand, which has personalized the situation, conducts a extensive company, which aims to fight with obesity in adults and especially children. The medical community of New Zealand, after analyzing the formed situation, conducts a extensive company, which is aimed to fight against obesity in adults and especially children. In the near future, food producers will have to necessarily indicate on the packaging of their products the presence of harmful (contribute to obesity) substances. Today, this kind of information is placed on a voluntary basis.

Since obesity has adopted rampant scales, in NZ was established the production of the drug Duromine for weight loss. Duromine was developed on the basis of the active substance phentermine, which promotes appetite suppression. Previously, preparations, containing phentermine, was sold in New Zealand on prescription. The main mass of these drugs had to be imported from abroad, because of this, their cost was higher by 2-3 times, and not everyone could afford them. After the company 3M has started the producing of Duromine (phentermine) in New Zealand, the price at this drug significantly decreased and has become accessible for people with middle and low income.

The uniqueness of the drug Duromine lies in its release form. Duromine is available in capsule form. In addition to the active substance, in the capsules Duromine is contained resin – which contribute to the slow release of phentermine. Prolonged effect allows to take Duromine only once a day, in the morning – and a reduced appetite will be marked in a person the whole day. Since obesity has several degrees of development (1,2,3 and 4), it is necessary to select the dosage of the drug individually, for each clinical case. In connection with this Duromine is available in capsules, containing different amounts of phentermine -15 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg.

Another significant advantage – is the fact that Duromine is prescribed for people, who have obesity, which is accompanied by high blood pressure and diabetes.

It is best the application of Duromine in combining with physical exercises or active kinds of leisure. Loss of appetite at reception of the capsules Duromine will help you to consume less food, but moderate exercises will help to burn body fat, which already has accumulated.

At the first degree of obesity or excessive body weight is usually is prescribed Duromine 15mg, and is taken in the morning (preferably before breakfast). At more complex forms of obesity (2,3,4 – degree), the initial daily dose is 30-40 mg and as well is taken before breakfast. It is possible and increase of the dosage, but the interval between doses of the capsules Duromine must be at least 4-5 hours.

Since the application of Duromine can cause the excitement in the first few days, it should not be taken before bedtime.

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Taking Duromine like prophylactic measures, you can avoid the complications, which may emerge due to the excessive weight of your body.