Nutritionists say that metabolism slows down, while losing weight. Therefore, it is often very difficult to achieve rapid weight loss through diet therapy and physical activity. For rapid weight loss in conjunction with a low calorie diet and increased physical activity, patient can be indicated Duromine weight loss drug.

Anorexigenic agent Duromine is designed to treat obesity in people with BMI above 30, when excessive weight deteriorates overall health. Duromine diet drug can be prescribed at a lower BMI, equal to or more than 25, in the presence of risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia), which exacerbate obesity and pose a risk to human health.

Duromine reduces appetite and improves energy metabolism, but also prevents re-accumulation of adipose tissue. Duromine slimming capsules increase the rate of conversion of nutrients into energy. As a result, person on Duromine pills has increased efficiency and physical endurance.

Person can devote more time to physical activity due to the increased vigor, during obesity pharmacotherapy with Duromine drug. Physical activity in combination Duromine with diet pills helps increase muscle mass. After all, muscle tissue is responsible for metabolism. The more is the muscle mass, the faster is food converted into energy.

It is not necessarily to pump your muscles in a gym to increase muscle mass, while taking Duromine capsules. Physical activity should consist of an exercise set, which the patient enjoys doing. If a person will perform exercises without pleasure, he will be tired of it soon, and will cease doing them. And all the lost weight will return back in a double volume.

When going through Duromine anti-obesity therapy, regular 40-60 minutes of brisk walking, jogging, dancing, yoga is enough to increase muscle mass. Favorite physical activity brings more benefits to the body and allows losing weight faster, than strength exercises in the gym.

Balanced diet and exercise in favorite exercise, in combination with Duromine diet capsules, will help the body to increase metabolism and, thus, to lose more pounds. Increasing Duromine efficacy is possible not only by physical exercise, but also by proper diet.

When taking Duromine capsules, certain products will help accelerate metabolism, for example:

  • Meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms and nuts are digested much longer, than carbohydrates and fats, hence, more energy is consumed.
  • Broccoli, beans and red meat contain a lot of iron, which increases the flow of oxygen to muscles and metabolism.
  • Green tea is an excellent antioxidant and helps burn fat. It should be noted that it contains large amounts of caffeine, so obese people with high blood pressure should not abuse this drink.
  • Chili, ginger, curry and other spicy herbs accelerate metabolism due to their content of capsaicin. However, spicy foods can accelerate heartbeat, therefore, not being suitable for people with gastrointestinal tract diseases (gastritis, ulcers).

When taking Duromine slimming pills, you can keep metabolism at a high level by dividing your daily ration into 5-6 meals. When you eat, your metabolism accelerates and fat burns. The main thing is not to overeat, your meals should be small, but frequent (every 2-3 hours).

When going through Duromine anti-obesity therapy, you should increase your water intake. Healthy person should consume 1.5-2.2 liters of water for normal physiological processes. Water is a direct participant in the exchange processes. When taking Duromine pills, you should preferably consume clean water, fresh juices and herbal tea.

Another important aspect of weight loss is sleep. With a lack of sleep, the organism produces little leptin and ghrelin. These substances are responsible for energy use and appetite. Lack of sleep, even when taking Duromine pills, slows all physiological processes and metabolism, resulting in slower weight loss rate. It is important to sleep at least 8 hours.

Effectiveness of obesity pharmacotherapy depends not only on taking Duromine pills, but also on the person's lifestyle. Thus, keeping to a balanced diet and following a few simple habits can increase metabolism and burn more fat.