Many years of experience show that overweight or obese people often have different sleep disorders, such as for example, insomnia. Usually, drug therapy of obesity involves stimulation of certain brain areas, which theoretically can negatively affect the quality and duration of obese people sleep at night.

Insomnia is one of the side effects of Duromine weight loss pills. Because of this fact, many people wanting to use Duromine may wonder how Duromine appetite suppressant affects the sleep.

While using Duromine some sleep disorders can occur because of two main pharmacological actions of anorexigenic drug:

  • Stimulation of the brain
  • Increase in the blood pressure

Indeed, it is hard to imagine that a patient with elevated brain activity and rapid blood circulation can fall asleep quickly. This refers especially to those patients, who suffer from sleep disorders from time to time.

According to clinical studies of Duromine, insomnia is not such a common side effect to avoid using this anti-obesity drug. In order to minimize the risk of insomnia, person shall:

  • Take the drug only before noon
  • Not exceed the recommended dose
  • Never take two capsules a day

In most patients who are curing obesity, Duromine does not necessarily cause insomnia but only contributes to its occurrence. The main causes of sleep disorders are depressive disorders and poor physical activity.

Duromine drug is prescribed for obesity treatment only in combination with improved diet and increased physical activity. In some ways, Duromine sympathomimetic amine can even provide a good night sleep.

Doing aerobic exercises regularly or having long night walks before going to bed will help you to get rid of insomnia. Many trials have shown that physically active people sleep better at night, then people leading inactive lifestyle.

Increase in physical activity positively affects a patient’s mental state. Thus, you can forget about family problems, troubles at work or any other aspects of your everyday life. Healthy nutrition also helps to sleep well at night.

If doctor prescribed you Duromine, then you can safely buy and use this CNS stimulant whenever you like. If any questions arise while you are taking Duromine, you can get a professional advice anytime.