Nowadays, there is a wide selection of anti-obesity medications. Besides traditional drugs, modified medicines are used to fight against obesity.

The traditional drugs are characterized by an uncontrolled and quick release of active ingredient. The modified drugs differ from the traditional ones by that they change the mechanism of action and the release of medical agent.

Scientists keep working on creation of new forms of drugs, in order to increase the therapeutic effect of the drug, to provide patients a good tolerability and ensure high safety during the drug therapy.

The control over the delivery and release of a medical agent helps to manage:

  • the drug dose
  • the number of drug intakes
  • the duration of the therapeutic effect
  • the therapeutic effect of the drug itself

For obesity treatment, the most common route of administration of the drug is by mouth. There is a great variety of oral drugs at modern pharmaceutical market. The most common are drugs with a slow release of active substance, or extended-release drugs.

The therapeutic effect of extended-release drugs during anti-obesity treatment is that medical agents are released gradually, within a long period of time. Such a gradual release helps to reduce the number of intakes of the drug and minimize side effects in the internal organs of patients.

All pharmaceutical forms of extended-release drugs must contain only safe ingredients. Safe ingredients must be completely excreted from the human body.

Duromine is one of the drugs providing an extended release of the active substance. Duromine anorectic drug is a drug to cure obesity, as it is very popular at the pharmaceutical market in Australia and New Zealand.

Duromine is in the list of drugs that are available only by prescription and only at pharmacies. Duromine appetite suppressant comes in capsules, covered with gelatin shell of white-blue or white-red color (depending on the dosage).

The effectiveness of therapy by means of Duromine psychostimulant is in its prolonged release of Phentermine – the active substance, which reduces the appetite.

Phentermine sympathomimetic amine is similar to amphetamine by its structure, yet it does not cause euphoria and addiction in patients.

Once Duromine capsule gets into the gastrointestinal tract of a person, Phentermine is being released under the influence of chemical reaction between the gastric juice and resin complex, found in Duromine.

The ability to be dissolved and absorbed from the stomach into the gastrointestinal tract is one of the main requirements for drugs with extended release of active substance. Herewith, the pharmaceutical forms and size of an oral medication must be convenient for use.

In addition to the extended-release drugs, people use quick-dissolving or fast disintegrating drugs for anti-obesity treatment.

Thus, Suprenza anorectic drug is one of the fast disintegrating drugs for weight loss. This peroral quick-dissolving medication to fight extra weight has the same healing properties as Duromine.

Duromine weight loss drug helps everybody who wants to lose weight quickly and effectively. Moreover, it helps to raise the living standards and enjoy life.