Duromine is one of the most effective and popular drugs to treat overweight and obesity. This drug is intended for a short-term use in combination with low-calorie diet and physical exercise.

The recommended period of using Duromine capsules is from a few up to 12 weeks. Physical loads help to increase the effectiveness of anorexigenic drug and to accelerate the obesity treatment.

Increase the intensity of physical exercise helps to burn more calories and to reduce fat deposits. Before to start using Duromine, you can consult a coach and choose some training plans that will be effective exactly for you.

At the first stage of obesity treatment, adult people are recommended to find 150 minutes a week for physical exercise of moderate intensity. This will help to normalize blood pressure, to reduce cholesterol level, to strengthen bones and muscles.

The duration and severity of physical activity should be increased gradually. Starting from the second week of using Duromine pills, adults can be recommended to spend on exercise of moderate intensity up to 300 minutes per week, or up to 150 minutes of high-intensity exercise.

If you already have chronic diseases, this does not negate physical exercise. In this case, you need to discuss with the coach their type and duration. For example, in heart diseases, it is recommended to start with slight load, focusing on heart rate.

Elderly people using Duromine anti-obesity drug should be active every day, but some physical exercises are contraindicated to them. The duration and intensity of physical activity should depend on the age and general health.

During Duromine use, it is recommended to make up a diary and write down in it the number of minutes spent on physical activity per week. Non-training days should be compensated by other days. Regular exercise allows not only to lose weight, but also radically to change the lifestyle.

Phentermine-containing drugs are developed for a short-term use, therefore it is better to find out what exercises are best for weight loss. If your weight stopped declining after the treatment with Duromine, try using other anorectic drugs.