According to the official information, Duromine is a weight loss medication belonging to Category B2 drugs due to the risk of adverse effects during pregnancy. All the drugs from Category B2 are prohibited for use during pregnancy or lactation.

Nonetheless, if positive effects of Category B2 medications cover the adverse reactions in pregnant woman and fetus, doctors can prescribe such drugs (Duromine).

If pregnant women use such medications like Duromine, it may harm the fetus (at early pregnancy mostly). It is known that the fetus main systems and organs are developed during the first trimester. Therefore, it is not recommended to use any drugs during this period. The fetal excretion systems are not formed completely at that stage, therefore his body cannot excrete the toxins as adult body can. So, drugs from Category B2 are considered harmful for the fetus.

When a woman is pregnant, she must think of her health, not only the fetus health. Thus, Duromine may affect the woman’s health as well. Because liver and kidneys start working in a different way during pregnancy, women become more sensitive to different medications. Thus, due to the poor excretion ability and high concentration of Duromine in the blood, pregnant women may rapidly get overdosed on this drug.

Another reason why Duromine is not recommended for pregnant women is its stimulant effect (like of amphetamine). This effect may provoke abstinence syndrome, miscarriage, birth abnormalities, early labor or stillbirth and even defects in the development of the fetus brain.

Moreover, if pregnant women use appetite suppressants like Duromine pills, they are at high risk of giving birth to an underweight or small in size baby. Those children that were born underweight also suffer from different health disorders. In addition, some children of those mothers who used Duromine during pregnancy suffer from weakness, difficult breathing or tremor after birth (abstinence syndrome).

Everybody knows that any medication (even Duromine) can affect the fetus and child’s body somehow. Because the child’s CNS is affected, he later might suffer from physical and mental underdevelopment.

Some clinical studies have shown that Duromine like other medications is not harmful for mother and fetus, if taken in late pregnancy (last few months). During this period of time, a placental barrier is completely formed and so a child is protected from medications that could get into his body at early pregnancy. So it is considered that medications cannot harm the baby at this time.

Still, there is no data saying that Duromine drug cannot get through the placental barrier during pregnancy. That is why; nutritionists warn women and do not prescribe them Duromine weight loss pills if they are pregnant. It is also unknown whether Duromine gets into breast milk or not. Thus, doctors never prescribe Duromine appetite suppressant for breastfeeding women.

If you want to buy Duromine to use it after birth and breastfeeding period, you should look for it online. Online pharmacy offers a worldwide shipping of Duromine diet pills. If you have no time to visit a doctor, but you have some questions on Duromine, contact an online pharmacist before you order Duromine online.

If you want to use Duromine drug after birth and breastfeeding period, but you cannot visit the doctor for some reason, order Duromine pills online. Online pharmacy offers a worldwide shipping of Duromine weight loss drug. But before you order Duromine online, please consult a pharmacist.