Many people using Duromine have cardiovascular side effects. Intense physical exercises can overload the cardiovascular system.

Therefore, before using Duromine and increasing physical activity, obese patients with a history or symptoms of cardiovascular diseases must undergo an exercise tolerance test (ETT).

Usually, after the ETT results, doctors do not recommend their obese patients any intense exercises. Because of synergic effect of Duromine and physical stress on the cardiovascular system, potential health risks may occur.

So that potential risks are minimal, physical activity should be low or medium. There is an easy way to determine the level of patient’s physical activity.

  • If an obese person can chat easily and comfortably while doing some exercises, then this is considered a medium level of physical activity.

At the initial stage of drug anti-obesity therapy, the level of physical activity should be low. Only when a patient makes sure Duromine does not cause pronounced cardiovascular side effects, he can gradually increase his physical activity up to the medium level.

  • Low physical activity can be safely increased up to the medium level, even when a patient has several cardiovascular risk factors.

Apart from cardiovascular risk factors, intense physical activity can violate the musculoskeletal system. Despite the fact that high physical activity does not cause joint diseases, any physical activities are contraindicated for overweight people during arthritis aggravation.

If the onset treatment with Duromine pills coincided with arthritis aggravation period, it is necessary to replace the traditional physical activities (running, walking, cycling) for a swim.

To prevent unwanted consequences for musculoskeletal system, obese people should avoid extreme kinds of sports. Besides, maximization of the intensity of physical activity should only be carried out after consultation with a doctor and (or) additional medical examination.

Regardless of the obesity severity and intensity of physical exercises, a comprehensive medical examination is recommended for people:

  • Suffering from nicotine addiction
  • With cardiovascular disease
  • With high blood pressure
  • With high blood cholesterol
  • With type 2 diabetes
  • Men over 40 years old
  • Women over 50 years old

If you are going to start taking Duromine, but you have not discussed all the aspects of the weight loss program with your physician, you can ask any questions on physical activity by email. In addition to information on physical activity, you can get the information of balanced, low-calorie and healthy diet, recommended for obese people with BMI 25 and higher.