Some medications that contain an active substance Phentermine are not recommended for use with food. Usually, they are taken before meal or within 2 hours after food consumption.

Duromine contains Phentermine in form of resins, this helps Duromine capsules to dissolve in the stomach slowly. Therefore, Duromine capsules can be used before, after or with food.

Most patients are recommended to use Duromine capsules in the morning or before noon. Overweight patients, who work in the night shift, can take Duromine at any time of the day, but only after sleep. The only condition: Duromine must be used 8-10 hours before sleep.

It is recommended to take Duromine capsules with food. Portions of food must be small and contain little calories. Fruit, dairy, cereals and flakes are perfect for this.

During sleep, all the chemical reactions in the body slow down. A morning meal (or just a meal after sleep) improves the metabolism. Balanced and nutritious breakfast provides a positive effect on the work of gastrointestinal tract and can increase the fat burn rate.

Please remember that Duromine capsules cannot be used with every meal. You can take just one Duromine capsule per day, regardless of the dose. Duromine doses are 15mg, 30mg or 40mg. Duromine 40mg is a maximal dose you can take per day.

Any dose of Duromine may cause a strong anorexigenic effect on the body. Patients, taking Duromine capsules can reduce the consumption of high-calorie foods significantly.

Most patients, suffering from obesity, have already tried to limit the amount of calories before the use of Duromine capsules, but part of them has never succeed. By means of Duromine, you can stick to the same diets without feeling extremely hungry.

During the use of Duromine capsules, patient can limit food consumption, get used to a new eating behavior and form new preferences in food. This will keep a stable body mass, reducing it further after the use of Duromine.