A complex approach is needed for the obesity treatment. Fat deposits is accumulated because of energy imbalance in the body. To achieve a normal energy balance, a low-calorie diet should be adhered to and physical activity should be enhanced.

If hypocaloric diet in conjunction with physical exercises does not promote weight loss, drug therapy of obesity can be prescribed. There are several groups of drugs for weight loss, the most prescribed are:

  • Appetite suppressants (Duromine included)
  • Gastrointestinal lipase inhibitors (Xenical included)

Duromine and Xenical weight loss drugs have to be taken together with hypocaloric diet and daily physical activity. Duromine and Xenical have the same indications for use. Both slimming drugs are used for obesity treatment in adolescents aged 16 years, adults and elderly patients.

In contrast to Duromine, which is used as a short-term obesity therapy for three months, Xenical exerts clinically significant weight reduction only in long-term use for a few years (no more than 4 years).

Features of Duromine clinical pharmacology

  • Duromine drug promotes the release of dopamine and norepinephrine in the hypothalamus of the brain. Thus, Duromine suppresses appetite, so obese patients use less foods, foods high in calories as well.
  • Xenical drug for weight reduction disrupts the splitting of dietary fats and decreases their absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, when using Xenical drug, the most part of fats entering the body with food is excreted unchanged.

In contrast to Duromine, Xenical does not affect the CNS functions; thereby it can be used to treat obesity complicated by depressive disorders. In spite of high safety of Xenical, its use does not exert a rapid weight loss. Therefore, if overweight threatens the health and (or) the patient’s life, more effective medicine – Duromine can be prescribed for intensive obesity treatment.

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